4 Must-Have All-Natural Cleaning Products

Lisa Hoekstra - February 27, 2015

Cleaning products are great for getting rid of dirt, mold and so forth, but they can be toxic to your skin, eyes and sinuses. All-natural, homemade cleaning products are eco-friendly and better for your health. Vinegar Use on toilet bowl rings, soup scum, hard water stains, stove and counter tops, floors and as fabric softener Long has vinegar been the household item touted as a …

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Great Year For Provence Rosé in 2013

Gurvinder Bhatia - February 23, 2015

There are ample good reasons why the southern French region of Provence is not just a popular holiday destination, but a region whose real estate is a hot commodity with Paris socialites and the Brangelinas of the world. An abundance of sun, luscious countrysides, fields of lavender and golden sunflowers, olive trees, stone-walled country estates, azure blue‒sky seashores, beaches filled with beautiful people … what’s …

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2014 Olive Oil Crops Devastated

Tod Stewart - February 21, 2015

News reports on the 2014 European olive oil harvest (the fruits of which are hitting the shelves now…maybe) are not good. “A Harvest to Forget,” and “Worst Year in Recent History,” are just a few of the doom and gloom headlines circulating. At a dinner with Farbrizio Nencioni of Agricola San Felice (where I had the pleasure of tasting some of his exceptional Tuscan wines), …

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5 Ways to be More Productive in Your Everyday Life

Shannon Fitzpatrick - February 18, 2015

Today’s world demands a lot. Work and family responsibilities can easily overwhelm us.  As a single, working mom with three young children, I am a poster-girl for the over-scheduled and over-stressed. As a consequence, my daily productivity can be drastically affected by a constant need (self-imposed) to multi task. I have learned, mostly the hard way, that trying to fit too much into a day …

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Mooning over Macarons

Andrea Kaiser - February 13, 2015
french macarons

My daughter Madison was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe with her school in March of this year and since her return has been dreaming of Ladurée macarons. Since that fateful day we have been on the hunt for the perfect macaron, pronounced mah-kah-ROHN and not to be confused with macaroons. My investigation showing that this confusion happens all the time as …

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