7 tech accessories for 2015

Quench - November 28, 2015

#1. Cashmere hugger – Vinaya Altruis rose gold and white smart notification necklace If winter cashmere is your new battleground tackling the sheer chilling outside, then your “soil of the cold seasons” can only be chicer with an elegant touch of smart pendant. It’s the time to make your bold winter statement without compromising missing the important events from the person you care about. #2. …

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11 Food-Friendly Wines

Gurvinder Bhatia - November 27, 2015
Chef smelling red wine

The concept of pairing wine and food is not an exact science. Quite honestly, too many people make too much of it. What I mean is that too many people fret over trying to find that perfect pairing. Food and wine are meant to be together, but it’s important not to get caught up in rules. Forget about white wine with white meat and red …

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4 Simple Accessories To Make An Outfit More Stylish

Quench - November 26, 2015

Sometimes, all it takes to make an outfit pop are a few simple accessories. Many ladies spend too much time focusing on their outfits rather than personalizing their looks with accessories. Here are a few ideas for interesting accessories that are sure to make any outfit stylish and unique: Vintage fascinators or hats Those adorable, veiled fascinator hair clips are the perfect elegant touch to …

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The longline blazer can create a dynamic look

Yve Goodwin - November 24, 2015

The current 2015 fall and winter women’s longline blazer fashion trends have allowed ladies the opportunity to create dynamic looks, while simultaneously defining their unique personal styles. Smart separates that are saturated in the classic neutral tones and vibrant colors of the season, in combination with simple detailing and flattering shapes are what makes these timeless garments among the most popular pieces found in women’s …

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Healthy Snackin’

Quench - November 23, 2015

Despite its bad rap, snacking can be an important and necessary part of a healthy, everyday diet. Preparing a healthy snack when we are hungry (not bored!) can prevent overeating at mealtimes, can regulate blood sugar throughout the day and provide important nutrients our bodies require for optimal health. Remember, even when we are choosing healthy options, moderation is key; keep portions reasonable and don’t …

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For the upcoming winter months, grey is where it’s at

Yve Goodwin - November 23, 2015

During this 2015 autumn and winter fashion season the neutral colour grey has taken over the lead as one of the must-have hues in men’s wardrobes. Although it’s quite common to make good use of this classic hue throughout the cold weather season, its popularity has been ramped up to a whole new style level: as high-end shops boldly showcase its powerful impact through the …

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