My Many Wishes

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In a lifetime, you can accumulate an insane number of wishes. The more you see, the more you wish it was somehow better, bigger or simply yours. Let me give you a quick rundown of some of my favourites.

I wish more wines were available. There just aren’t enough around. Now you may say we have plenty but I know there is more out there. How do I know so definitively? I travel. I recently held a Wine 101 class where a number of my eager students talked about the great wines of Italy, South Africa, New Zealand — you name it — that they while travelling to those countries. Once they got home they were impossible to find locally.

I know its difficult to stock the shelves with every single bottle in the world but it would be nice to see, wouldn’t it. Maybe I’m thinking too big.

I wish the Next Big Thing was more of an everyday occurrence. Let me explain. It seems that trends are accumulated and projected to you only once a year. These trends shouldn’t be disseminated like the Oscars. Instead magazines, like Tidings, should be throwing them at you every chance we get. We’ll work on that.

I wish more restaurants served wine by the glass. I always encourage my students to taste, taste, then taste some more. If you’ve tasted everything at your house, crash your neighbours cellar and — not to sound repetitive — taste again. But if more restaurants served quality wines by the glass then poof, you can have a plethora of glasses during your meal. Well that may only be me but you know where I’m going with this.

I wish for world … Now I know I’m going too far.


Aldo Parise is the publisher of Quench Magazine. After running 4 magazines, including Riot and men's magazine Under Pressure, he's settled nicely into his role as top drinker and food yummer guy. You can see him in the pages of Quench, Food and Drink Magazine.

2 responses to “My Many Wishes”

  1. ed pierce says:

    And here I thought our local shop had more wines than I could possibly imagine! My goal was to try every one that they carried in my lifetime, but after reading your post, I think I’m going to live much longer! 🙂

  2. august project \ says:

    You’re right that not every city has the same selection. But maybe that’s for the best.

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