Quench editor, Aldo Parise, Interviews Indian Food Guru Vikram Vij

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I don’t get a chance to do many interviews anymore. In this episode of Off Menu I go back to my roots. On a recent trip to Edmonton I got the chance to interview a dragon.

Vikram Vij needs no introduction. But for those of you who’ve been living a cave, Vij is the man who put Indian cuisine on the map in North America. In 1994, he opened his first of three restaurants and nothing has been the same since. You might even remember him from his recent stints on the Dragon’s Den, Chopped and Top Chef. This man is busy.

So when I found myself in a car with Vij touring Edmonton’s pastry shops and restaurants I couldn’t help myself. I took out my recorder and starting asking questions. Let me warn you; you’ll hear a bit of the tires rumbling and me being oddly nervous.



Aldo Parise is the publisher of Quench Magazine. After running 4 magazines, including Riot and men's magazine Under Pressure, he's settled nicely into his role as top drinker and food yummer guy. You can see him in the pages of Quench, Food and Drink Magazine.

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