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“We uncork your world,” say Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen (aka the World Wine Guys). Hailing from New York, Mike and Jeff possess a passion for wine, spirits and beer that keeps them traveling the world over. “There is nothing more exciting to us than ‘drinking the wine in the land where the grape is grown…,” they write on their website. Sure, criss-crossing the world’s wine regions all the while meeting notable chefs and winemakers is certainly fun. But, Mike and Jeff are masters at spreading that love around. They have a knack at making us wine and food lovers feel that we’re on the road with them.

Mike and Jeff have authored two books: Wines of the Southern Hemisphere: The Complete Guide and The Fire Island Cookbook. They serve as Entertaining and Lifestyle Editors for Wine Enthusiast Magazine. If that weren’t enough they are Travel and Wine Contributors to The Huffington Post, Contributing Wine Writers to The Latin Kitchen and Course Instructors for Windows On The World: Wines Of The Southern Hemisphere. Find out more about them at worldwineguys.com.

What do you love most about wine?

Jeff: The way that it brings people together. When you share a bottle of wine with friends, whether new or old, it forms bonds of commonality and camaraderie.
Mike: Wine is the ultimate expression of the farmer’s craft. No other agricultural product, no matter how well produced or prepared, commands such awe and respect.

What’s your most memorable journey?

Jeff: There have been so many memories… but for me I think that the first bicycle trip that we took through Burgundy is the most ingrained in my mind.
Mike: Oddly enough, I have to also say our first bicycle trip through Burgundy. It wasn’t just an “aha” wine moment; it was the start of our entire wine journey.

What talent do you wish you had?

Jeff: I wish that I could play the piano better; that way I wouldn’t feel so guilty about all of the money my parents wasted on lessons.
Mike: I wish I could draw. It takes a lot more time to describe a scene with words than it would just to draw it and let the image speak for itself.

What’s your worst fault?

Jeff: That I can’t say, “No!” I tend to be a people pleaser and always say, “Yes,” even when I already have too many commitments.
Mike: I am far too critical of our writing, always re-reading it and making tweaks and corrections when I should just move on.

What do you appreciate most in your friends?

Jeff: Honesty and integrity.
Mike: They always come over with empty shopping bags to take our overabundance of wine off our hands.


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