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Mirella Amato has been a beer aficionado since her first taste, and always wondered why people typically don’t show beer the same level of interest and dedication that wine tends to get. In 2006, she decided to change that unfortunate state of affairs. Mirella initiated her own fun, hands-on, guided beer tasting sessions and workshops that run in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax Ottawa and beyond. Looking to learn more about how to choose beer, pair it with food or make a beer cocktail? Check her out at Beerology.

What do you like best about beer?

What I like best about beer (beyond it’s delicious flavour) is the social aspect. Beer lends itself well to quiet evenings with friends

What’s your best virtue?

My curiosity. I’m always questioning, exploring and learning new things

What’s the most memorable journey you ever took?

I’ve traveled a lot. I think that if I could leave tomorrow, I’d go back to Sicily. It’s such an amazing place. Plus, I could visit my family in Naples along the way.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

That’s easy: Toronto. Having lived in many different places, I know there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Who is your real life hero?

Robert Flanagan is someone I greatly admire. He made the best of his life, while dealing with a terrible illness. He found a way to be true to himself and turn his pain into art.


Looking at the small things that make life great and the people who create them.

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