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Mike King is brewer and co-owner, with his wife Gretchen, of Revolution Brewing in Colorado. Mike specializes in crafting beer that is in its best, purest and most natural state. He doesn’t pasteurize, centrifuge or filter it. Nor does he add chemicals, preservatives or additives to it. Seven beers, including Colorado Red Ale and Stout Ol’ Friend, make up Revolution Brewing’s roster of regulars. Mike, however, takes pride in using local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. That’s why, at certain times of the year, you’ll find Pumpkin Ale, Cherry IPA and so many more flavour combinations on offer at the brewery as well. Better yet, Mike has expanded the boundaries of what it means to be a brewery. He also creates (non-alcoholic) rootbeer and cherry cola.

Mike’s handiwork has netted Revolution Brewing several awards, including Best Dark Ale for Stout Ol’ Friend and Best Pale Ale for Lovett or Leave It IPA at the 2012 Chili and Beer Festival, and so many more, because they really do mean what they say: “after all, fresh is good. Come join the revolution.”


What do you love most about beer?

Beer shares nicely with friends, neighbours and family. It’s perishable, so there’s no point in collecting beer that you won’t drink. Beer tastes better than most other things.

What is your idea of misery?

Outside in Alaska in July, knee deep in muck, mosquitoes swarming every inch of the air and seeking any exposed flesh. Listening to the buzz. Afraid to lift the bottle under the mosquito hood because the bugs will find their way inside.

Who’s your favourite fictional hero?

Seth Bullock from Deadwood. Or Maybe Jack Burton and the Porkchop Express from Big Trouble in Little China.

What’s your favourite motto?

When people ask if you have paid your dues, tell ’em “yes I have, and the cheque is in the mail.” (Jack Burton)

What’s the best time of day to drink beer?

Only Pilsner before ten am. Hah. Actually, beneath the rays of an evening sun, just after work.


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