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Now that the weather is warming up, thoughts turn to entertaining outdoors, barbecues and refreshing libations. Bet you’re wondering what the top drink picks for 2011 are? Well, Tidings has you covered. We’ve connected with producers to find out which of their products are flying off store shelves. We’ve dragged ourselves to determine for ourselves what choices people were making. (Ok, so tasting all manner of product wasn’t actually a hardship.) Turns out, we learned a few things along the way.

The April issue of Tidings Magazine delves into what Tidings writers believe will be the Next Big Thing in the coming months. But, for now, so you can at least go out to your local purveyor of wine, spirits and beer and stock up on all the necessities, here’s the list of what’s hot.


• Two red wine varieties will take centre stage this summer – Ripasso and Pinot Noir. Ripasso is more full-bodied than Pinot Noir, but both are food-friendly
Blended wines, like those produced in Bordeaux (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and sometimes Cabernet Franc) are gaining a whole new audience. If you love well-rounded, complex and versatile wines, give these a try.

• Sparkling wine, that marker of special occasions, will become a popular choice to accompany everyday dinners, light lunches or sunny afternoons on the patio.


• Wheat beer offers crisp, light flavours, and will no doubt be a popular fixture on patios and balconies this summer.


• Aged and spiced rums give spirit lovers the richer flavours they’re searching for.

• Each vodka, made from rye, potato or wheat, displays its own unique character and taste. Try it plain or pick up one of the flavoured brands available now.

The Classics

The trend for all things Modern is as popular as ever. Classic cocktails, drinks made with super-premium vodkas, 100 per cent agave tequila and single malt Scotches are topping the list at bars.

What will you be drinking this summer?


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