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Well-known cookbook author, Jennifer MacKenzie has teamed up with Canada’s Beef Information Centre to release a series of mouthwatering sirloin burger recipes perfect for backyard and cottage entertaining. From one master griller to another, MacKenzie hopes these new burger creations will encourage other Canadian women to take back the tongs and hit the barbecue (figuratively speaking, of course). “Everyone needs their own signature gourmet burger recipe,” says MacKenzie. “I tend to think of my favourite burger recipe as my little black dress of summer entertaining – perfect for every grilling occasion. Before heading to the cottage, be sure to pack a few of these fantastic recipes, and you’ll be all set for summer.”

These gourmet burger recipes all feature lean Canadian ground sirloin which gives them a juicy and delicious steak flavour. “If you’re craving a tasty grilled sirloin steak, mix it up and make a fun and delicious sirloin burger,” says MacKenzie. “All you need is some lean or extra lean ground sirloin, a little imagination and a hot grill.”

Look for the names sirloin, chuck and round on packages of ground beef at the grocery store. These names indicate the ground beef is made from a single cut, not a mix. Ground sirloin tastes like a sirloin steak – it is a “steak-experience” ground beef, and it contains 14 essential nutrients including Zinc, Iron, Vitamin D and all five B vitamins plus high-quality protein.

“Remember that once you’ve grilled your perfect sirloin burger, it’s time to accessorize,” says MacKenzie. “Chop up fun gourmet toppings and create a burger bar for your guests to have fun piling on the toppings.”


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