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At last! It’s Victoria Day weekend and the grilling season has officially arrived. According to the recent Weber Canadian GrillWatch Survey(TM), successful outdoor cooking depends on three factors – a reliable grill, well-liked popular food selections, and great friends to share the occasion.

The 21st annual survey, conducted in November 2009 by Toronto-based Leger Marketing on behalf of Weber-Stephen Products Co., probes the habits, knowledge and performance of Canadian grillers. There were 1009 consumers nationwide, aged 19 and over, who participated in the survey.

When it comes to grill models, here are the stats:

• the majority of Canadians (91% of respondents) use gas

• 84% own a liquid propane tank barbecue

• nine out of ten barbecue owners use full-size models that include side burners

• 37% prefer stainless steel to colour grills

• charcoal is still popular (17%)

• smokers are used by only 6% of our outdoor cooks

Canadians report that gas grills are easy, convenient and fun to use, but admit that food grilled over charcoal results in more aroma and better taste!

The top food items grilled most often are:

• hamburgers

• steak

• chicken pieces

• hot dogs

The top all-time favourite barbecue food item is steak. Regionally, Quebec grillers will cook chicken most often; Ontario outdoor chefs will select ribs, while Maritimers prefer steak.

In more than half of Canadian households (64%), the man is the primary griller. However, for one-quarter (24%) of households, grilling is a shared activity. Young Canadians aged 19-24 are the most likely to say they don’t do any barbecuing (37%).

Canadians admit they’d like to increase their expertise in grilling two particular items: beef roasts and pizza.

• one in seven Canadians (15%) enjoys cooking pizza on the grill

• Mozzarella cheese and mushrooms rate as the most popular toppings

• Western Canadians prefer pineapple as their favourite grilled pizza topping (53%)

Canadians love to entertain! Nearly all Canadians say they entertain family and friends at home (91%), with the majority (60%) reporting they entertain these groups in the home ten times a year, on average. Most people use the grill for cooking dinner (96%). Quebec barbecuers demonstrate they are the most adventurous of all Canadians, being more willing to cook vegetables, desserts and breads on the grill.

The majority of respondents (56%) prefer grilling in the summer.

• 43% report they grill year-round (an increase of 33% since 2005)

• 81% say they fire up the grill at least once a week

• grillers in the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario are most likely to grill more than once a week even when the temperature dips below zero

• birthdays and Canada Day are the top two favourite days for outdoor cooking (65% and 64%, respectively)

Rarely mentioned favourite foods include whole turkey, lamb roasts and scallops cited by 1% of those surveyed.

What kind of griller are you?


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