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Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a magazine editor (or what he’s listening to). Here’s your chance. Subscribe to Off Menu, the semi-regular look at the food and drink world through the eyes of Quench editor-in-chief, Aldo Parise. Kind of funny, always engaging, come follow us as he goes off.

We’ve got what you need to stay warm

What’s going on in Canada’s vineyards?

Spirits are haunting us this week, in a good way

An apple a day, as they say, makes now the time to visit your local orchard!

Get ready for autumn with drinks, recipes & more

Everything you need for fall from food & drinks to self-care tips

California cuisine, Portuguese drinks & Ontario Wine Awards… oh my!

Top off your summer with these great drinks

On the hunt for the best food & drink

A collection of bite-sized #mustreads for summer

How much do you really know about Canadian distilleries?

5 easy cocktails to make at home this weekend

Sustainability coming soon to BC’s wine industry

Time to get creative in the kitchen

Cocktail tips from the experts

The key to Barbaresco’s identity

Beer and cheese, what a concept

Peer into the future of wine

Staying in? Time for some food experiments

Canadians are rocking wine, whisky and cocktails

Food & drink to get through the winter

Heat things up this Valentine’s Day

Travel the world with Quench

Start the New Year with a smaller carbon footprint

Prosecco Superiore Starts 2020 With Major Accomplishments

Relax this week with a few good articles from the Quench experts

Get the most from your holidays

There’s a lot happening in the (wine) world today

2019 Maverick Chefs connect people

The epic tale of País (and other Chilean wines)

Satisfy your hunger for new food

How Canadian winemakers battle climate change

The Quench Ultimate Beer and Food Guide

Taking a good, hard look at Vermouth

We’re on the hunt for the perfect caffeinated brew

Helping you find your next favourite drink

Quench all your cravings at the local Farmers’ market

Searching for that summertime gold


Aldo Parise is the publisher of Quench Magazine. After running 4 magazines, including Riot and men's magazine Under Pressure, he's settled nicely into his role as top drinker and food yummer guy. You can see him in the pages of Quench, Food and Drink Magazine.

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