Get Your Cottage Pantry Summer-Ready

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Preparing a cottage pantry for the summer is a fine art made fun and easy with a good supply of shelf-stable products. Perhaps you’re wondering how many cans of beans a person can possibly endure. Actually, a quick scan of grocery store shelves reveals the plethora of products available in Tetra Paks. Milk, broth, juice – and, of course, wine – are among cottage necessities that preserve well in Tetra Paks and do not require constant re-filling. Stocking the pantry with the right mix of food essentials in Tetra Pak cartons and combining them with local produce, Canadian cottage-goers can do what they intend to do at their second home – relax!

Here are some tips and recipes for a fun and delicious time at the cottage.


Tetra Pak wine ensures that you’ll never have to deal with broken glass on patios, decks and beaches
do you have limited refrigeration space? No worries. Stock pantry shelves with a summer supply of milk in Tetra Pak cartons; refrigerate after opening
purchase ice trays and fill them with left over milk, juice or broth before leaving the cottage at the end of the weekend
combine shelf-stable products with the fresh produce available in cottage country for the best of both worlds

By the way, Tetra Paks are recyclable and made mainly from paper.


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