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Last-minute shoppingfor the gourmet in your life is futile when you don’t know what toget them. Tidings tothe rescue once again! There is something here for everyone. Whoknows, you may even find a little stocking-stuffer for yourself.

Steam Whistle’sRetro Opener


There’s nothingretro about having a good-looking bottle opener right at yourfingertips. It fits easily on your wall or by way of a set ofincredibly strong magnets to any metal surface. The handy catchertakes care of the flying bottle cap. The box even comes with twobottles of Steam Whistle to start you off on your mad opening spree.

Jacob’s CreekChardonnay/Pinot Noir Brut


Champagne is theanswer to any last-minute party invite. Add to that two flutes andyour host will be bubbling over.

William Bounds SpiceMill


Gourmets lovegetting their hands dirty by mixing up their own spice mix. This millmakes it easier to distribute the tasty love. Fully adjustable fromfine to extra coarse, it works on anything from flaxseed to rosemary,from chocolate to coffee beans.

Ikon Removable PlateGrill


Quick-and-easy isthe way most of us like it. Add to that variable temperature controland bingo: instant smile! This plug-in grill has two removable ribbedplates and a flat non-stick plate perfect for use as a griddle. Youcan even use it as a panini press.

KeurigSpecial-Edition Single-Cup Brewer


Why take out the bigespresso machine when there’s only one person at the table who’sasking? These single-cup brewers made a splash years ago when theymade your favourite hot drinks easier to make and tastier to boot.All that with no messy cleanup.

FoodSaver VacuumPacker


Whether you aremarinating steaks or packing away the excess food from your holidaydinner, having a vacuum system on your counter is worth its weight infreezer burn. Includes adjustable settings for moist and dry foods.

Gourmet SettingsFlatware

$30 to $80

From a full set to afive-piece hostess set, these design-crazed forks, spoons and knivesmake great gifts. Available in a dizzying amount of styles, you canfind one for every personality.

Bruichladdich WeeLaddie Tasting Pack


Scotch lovers willadore trying three fiery single malts from this Islay producer. Thetin offers “The Ten,” “The Fifteen,” and “The Seventeen”in smart-looking 200 ml bottles.

Menu Contour Teapot


Not only does itlook really slick on the table, it avoids over-steeping your tea. Itholds about 2 litres of tea or any hot drink, which makes it perfectfor the dinner parties or long nights when you are glued to yourlatest issue of Tidings.

Riedel O StemlessGlassware

$25 to $150

Conventional wisdomsays your wine glasses need stems, but Riedel put the world on itshead when it released this series. Made in over half a dozendifferent shapes, you’ll find one to blow your taste buds off withyour favourite wine.

Trudeau Wine Case

$25 to $50

Why deliver yourgracious gift in a flimsy cardboard box? This leatherette case comeswith everything a wine lover needs, including a waiter’s corkscrewand a pourer/stopper. Be careful! You may not want to give it up.



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