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eufy MiracleBlend blender

This is the budget blender for smoothie-lovers. Usually, there’s a direct correlation between cost and quality when it comes to blenders. Not so for the MiracleBlend. Eufy, a company best known for their vacuums, has crafted a blender that proves you don’t have to shell out $500 or more to make your daily smoothies or blended cocktails (and occasional soups and sauces).

Most people use their blenders for smoothies, so that’s what we focused on when we tested the MiracleBlend. It’s professional grade. The 1,200W motor spins the 92.5° tilted blades with precision to blend contents into a consistent texture; you get the same performance every time, so you don’t have to worry about lumpy smoothies. There are three different presets – clean, smoothie and pulse – as well as a control knob with approximately 30 different speed gradations between low and high. While this means there are fewer presets than your average blender, the knob gives you better control over the blend process.

Sturdy, with a sleek black and grey design, the MiracleBlend comes with a 50 oz BPA-free pitcher. The pitcher’s “vortex design” means it keeps the contents of the jar moving towards the blades, creating a literal vortex in the jar. The clear lid has a removable measuring cup in the center so you can add ingredients while the blender is running. Altogether, the MiracleBlend is stout and short, so it fits well under cabinetry and matches your decor.

Overall, the MiracleBlend is what they say it is – a quality smoothie blender. It tackles fruit, ice, kale and even seeds well, making a smooth final product with very few surprise chunks. The best part is that you can put all of your ingredients in, press “smoothie” and walk away; you don’t have to stop the blender and shake the jar to get the contents to blend, as can happen with other blenders.

Admittedly, it did have a tough time with sticker ingredients (nut butters) and ice. The trick for the latter though is to pulse until you have broken up the large frozen chunks into more manageable smaller pieces. For the former, if you want to make or blend nut butters or doughs, you may want to consider a food processor (or just be prepared to scrape the sides of the MiracleBlend pitcher a lot). Another downside to this affordable workhorse of a blender… it gives off a mechanical smell at times. If you’re lucky, it will go away after a few uses; if you’re unlucky, you may need to contact eufy customer service. Don’t worry though, their customer service is excellent and you’ll end up a happy customer. Plus, they have an 18-month warranty for issues like this.

The MiracleBlend also has an auto shut off after three minutes. This feature is great if you did as we said above and turned on the smooth preset then walked away. It’s not as great if you’re making something that requires extended blending, like say, home-made mayonnaise. Speaking of, the hole in the lid works really well for making more complex non-smoothie recipes (soups, sauces… mayonnaise). You can add ingredients with ease as it blends. There is no tamper (the bit you stick into the blend to push ingredients around); this isn’t a problem once the ingredients get in there as the pitcher design keeps things blending.

One feature we loved on the eufy MiracleBlend is the “clean” preset. The blades don’t come off the bottom without a screwdriver, so cleaning in the sink should be done with caution. Instead, fill the pitcher half-way with water, add a few drops of dish soap and press “clean”. It works really well. When you’re done, you just empty it and let dry in the dishrack.

It comes with an 18-month warranty, so if you DO have problems, you can easily reach out to their friendly customer service for help.

All in all, the eufy MiracleBlend is the perfect blend of quality and affordability. If you love smoothies, and make them everyday, invest in one of these.

eufy MiracleBlend / $120

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