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Coors Edge

Last year, Molson Coors released their non-alcoholic beer offering – Coors Edge – on Amazon for the ease of online ordering. “Now more than ever, we all seek options but not at the expense of convenience – this new offering sits at the intersection of those consumer demands: a spot for delicious, non-alcoholic beer in your Amazon shopping cart, ordered from the comfort of wherever-you-are,” says Tonia Coletta, Sr. Manager e-Commerce and Digital at Molson Coors. “We’re excited to be at the forefront as the first non-alcoholic beer offering in Canada on Amazon at a time of increased demand for low and non-alcoholic beer.”

Coors Edge is non-alcoholic (less than 0.5% ABV), double brewed and made with natural flavours. It pours dark amber with an orange tint. Nose has subtle hop notes, mostly fresh scent with a clean plastic note. Imagine you poured beer and water into a plastic water bottle – that would be the smell.

It’s wet and refreshing with very, very subtle notes of white fruit, perhaps pear, and light hints of citrus. Carbonated water adds a salty note. Finish plays on the tongue with extremely subtle plastic and hops notes (you have to be looking for it). It drinks a lot like flavoured sparkling water (think, Perrier) only instead of fruit flavouring, it’s beer flavour.

The drinks scene has been more and more focussed on offering non-alcoholic versions of our favourite alcoholic drinks, and this non-alcoholic beer from Molson Coors was made for Coors Light lovers. Plus, it only has 45 calories in each 355ml can.

Coors Edge / $15.99 case of 12

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