Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser

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Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser

Back in March 2020, the LCBO reported boxed wine sales skyrocketing during COVID-19. For good reason; nowadays, premium wine producers are thinking inside the box. It is more convenient, eco-friendly and of higher quality than it used to be. But one problem still remains: how to get the last glass out of the box without needing to perform a juggling act. Enter Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser.

Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser’s patented design features a lifting platform that squeezes the bag as you empty it. This pushes the air out, keeping the wine fresh. It also pushes the wine out the spout so nearly every last drop gets into the glass. Admittedly, there will still be some left over in the bag, but the unit makes it much easier to pour every glass. We appreciated that, with this dispenser, the spout is above the height of a wine glass. So you don’t have to set the unit close to the edge of the counter like you would a box to slide a glass under the spout.

Standing at roughly the height of a wine bottle and width of a toaster, the sleek stainless steel and black ABS plastic unit fits with pretty much any counter decor. If you prefer a pop of colour, the Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser also comes in red. Empty, it weighs around 5lbs. Convenient handles on the side let you move the dispenser without worry.

The dispenser is easy to use. You push the lifting mechanism down until it clicks, insert the wine bag, twist the spout so it’ll pour down and then close the lid. A big tip here: make sure the lid clicks closed and hold it until the lifting mechanism rises as much as it can. We didn’t the first time around and the lifting mechanism pushed the wine bag right out of the unit!

The lifting mechanism is a bit stiff, so it takes some finesse and strength to push it down. You may also want to empty about a glass or two of wine from the bag before you put it in the machine. This will make it easier to set it up.

The Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser holds three litres. That’s about the same amount as your standard boxed wine. Also, the unit comes with three wine preserve bags, each holding roughly four bottles of wine. So if you prefer bottled wine over boxed, you can still use this dispenser to keep your wine fresh for up to six weeks. (According to the company; we have yet to have wine left for that long to test it). Filling the bags is pretty easy – take out the spigot, pour wine into the hole. You may want to get an extra set of hands to help though, as the bag can get heavy and slippery the more wine you add in.

If you prefer your wines chilled, the unit is small enough that it should fit into your fridge. If not, Boxxle also has the “Chiller Boxxle”, available for roughly $400 US. Or, as a more affordable option, just put your boxed white wine in the fridge as usual.

All in all, the Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser is chic and useful, especially if you love boxed wine. It makes a great gift. It’s also great for parties, camping, the cottage or keeping your wine fresh for your evening glass.

Boxxle Premium Wine Dispenser / $99 US

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