4 tips to apply perfume without fear

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Apply Perfume without fear

Perfume is, above all, a source of pleasure. Due to the fact that it can provoke strong reactions, it can also be a source of anxiety. No one wants to be ‘that person at the office’, but to give up using perfume altogether means missing out on its ability to attract and create an important je ne sais quoi. Scents will mix with the oils in your skin, combining to create a totally unique experience, something totally you. Here are four tips to apply perfume without fear.

Pick a scent that you like, not what you think others will like

This is pretty standard advice for life in general. If you think something smells off, chances are others will also.

How many times have you been surprised by a gust of air that instantly transports you to a forgotten corner of your memory? Some of our fondest associations have to do with our nose, which has ­over 1,000 types of smell receptors. It’s no surprise that smell is an important unconscious influence that inspires attraction or disgust. Use it to inspire the right kind of response.

Easy does it

It is possible to be a little too enthusiastic. When you start with a new scent try one spray, then add more the next time you come out of the shower. Do not spray it away from you and walk into the cloud. Instead, place it on your pulse points: behind the ear, on your wrists, behind your knees. Allow it to air dry. And definitely don’t spray it on your clothes as perfumes might stain.

Decide who you want to be

When first learning about perfume from a perfume-enthusiast friend, I told her that my mother only ever wore Poison by Christian Dior. She responded: “That explains a lot about your mom. She’s that kind of woman.”

I still don’t know what she means, but I did learn that certain perfumes have strong associations with specific demographics. Ask your friends what they wear, do some research. Don’t go out wearing Chanel no. 5 if you don’t like the idea of smelling like your co-worker’s great-aunt.

Be playful

The same friend taught me that some perfumes are for the daytime, and some are for the night. It is possible to layer them, so your smell will change over time, just like you.

The smells you choose will mingle with your clothes and the oils in your skin, becoming a part of who you are. The right combination can make a bold statement and create pleasing associations for others. Trying out different scents can be a way of trying out who you want to be. They offer you the chance to make a fun change when you want to shake things up.

Because perfume moves through the air we all share, it is a way to connect with others. As long as you take others’ sensitivity into account, a pleasing smell can be a source of delight.


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