Top 8 Cost-Saving Tips For Party Catering

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The holidays are soon approaching and you probably want to plan the best party ever for your friends and family. From planning a menu to buying the right ingredients and calculating proper food portions, catering for your event can be a daunting task. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite party planning secrets from experts in the catering Toronto to make your event a huge success.

Here are a few smart decisions that can help you to save a few dollars when planning your next event:

Set a timeframe for the party

One of the best ways to properly plan for the food is to let your guests know the timeframe for the party. Be very clear on when the party starts and the time it ends. If it is a cocktail party, then guests should be around between 6pm and 10pm and it’s normal for them to expect to be served dinner.

Use décor wisely

You can use décor to distract the eye instead of spending countless hours cleaning. This especially works if you are preparing for the party on short notice. Simply dim the lights and use candles instead; you can also add a beautiful flower as a centerpiece on the dinner table. Rearrange the furniture in your living area to create more space.

Don’t overestimate your guests’ appetite

It’s easy to over-calculate the food portions when cooking for a large guest list. If you are having a multi-course dinner, then serve minimum appetizers so that your guests have enough room for the main course. Allow the guests to serve themselves in a buffet fashion as most of them will only put the portion of food they can complete.

Go creative with your décor

If you are looking for a cheap way to add décor, consider using live potted plants that you can later use in your outdoor garden. Look for smaller pots that would fit on your dinner tables. This especially works for buffets and other outdoor parties.

Set a buffet in the kitchen

This is especially a good strategy for event catering Toronto if you are serving a lot of food that needs to remain hot. You can set up your buffet on the stove and free up some space in the dining and living area. It’s one way to make guests feel at home and allow everyone to serve themselves.

Plan menu carefully

If you are really low on the budget, consider cheaper ingredients and be very creative with them. Avoid the expensive cuts and flavors because some of your guests may not even take notice. You can look for amazing recipes using cheap ingredients that you love or food that brings you good memories.

Have a sweets table

This works best for occasions like baby showers where you can invite guests to come and pick their favorite sweets as party favors. You can design personalized bags or boxes for the sweets.

Prepare premixed drinks

You can serve your guests some lemonades, iced teas and punches. Prepare them early in the day and just add ice when the guests start coming and serve. You’ll save on costs of buying drinks from the store.


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