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The holidays can be a hectic time of year. Everyone is running around like headless chickens, trying to find the perfect last minute gift, host the party of the season and keep up with their usual daily responsibilities. Here at Quench Magazine, we know how stressful this season can be, which is why we’ve put together this list of tips to help you get through the season with your sanity intact:

Minimize the decorations

Instead of the day long decoration craze, focus on three simple areas: the door, the tree and the focal point. A nice wreath on the door is all you really need to welcome guests. Miniature potted trees can make a bigger impact than one large tree and can be transplanted in your yard afterwards.

Save the ribbon for later

Wrapped gifts without ribbons or bows are easy to stack, store and transport. Save the garnish (ribbons and bow) for the last minute. Just remember to put a post-it note with the recipients names on the gift.

Shop during work hours

If you’re lucky enough to have a job where you can sneak away for an hour or two during the day, use that time to do your shopping. The crowds are thinner between 9 to 5 and even more so when the doors first open. If you can’t hit the stores during the day, browse their websites for ideas so that you can reduce the amount of time spent in a crowded store, hemming and hawing.

Have fun

If at any point this holiday season you’re not having fun, step away until you can look at the brighter side of the situation. Just don’t stare too long at the lights… you’ll start seeing spots. The holidays are supposed to enjoyable. Don’t let anyone, least of all yourself, prevent you from smiling.

Have an ace up your sleeve

Prepare yourself for small talk by looking up new cocktail recipes – like Snowfall. Bartenders are popular for a reason. Interesting cocktails will impress most crowds and making them will give you something to do other than stand and nod your head at yet another story.


2 oz Lillet White
1 oz Apple vodka
1/2 oz London gin

Place a good amount of ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into a chilled Martini glass. Build a snowman out of cocktail onions, sit back and see the snow fall.

We Are Quench!

Quench  – Canada’s largest subscription-based food and drink magazine – is the best source for living life by the drop. Published eight times a year, our pages ooze with tips for everything from home decor to travel; wine tasting to cooking. Our collection of recipes include Mardi gras ham, shrimp and andouille sausage jambalayatips on how to make sushi and recipes for traditional holiday dishes, like pumpkin pie. Our extensive wine buying guide, one of the best in North America, set us apart from other food and wine magazines. But what makes us truly unique isn’t just the content; it’s the people.

Our readers (over half a million strong) don’t sip through our pages, they gulp everything down. They don’t simply get satisfied, they are satiated. Loyal, passionate, sophisticated and driven, they have a passion for food, drink and living well. In fact, they are just as interested in cocktails, coffee and fancy cooking as Grand Cru Bordeaux. Our readers are the everyday gourmet, not just the refined connoisseur. They constantly seek out the flavours of the world around them.

With over half a million readers, we are Canada’s largest subscribed food and drink publication. Our name may not be familiar to you though. That is because we have rebranded.

During a recent editorial meeting, when then-Tidings Creative Director, Aldo Parise, asked “what do we do?” The team looked at each other until one blurted out: “We QUENCH. We quench reader’s appetites. We satisfy their everyday desires to eat and drink well, and enjoy their life one drop at a time!”

That was the day Quench was born. We don’t really see this as a change, so much as a shift to a name and brand that truly described us.

Quench Digital – www.quench.me – received a facelift this past summer. It is now a social network that quenches your thirst, satisfies your hunger and enhances your lifestyle. Hunger is the culinary delight of the website. Every day, new recipes from an array of cultures are posted. They cater to the season and time of year, while appealing to every day chefs. Living is all about the home and yet so much more. It’s about enhancing your lifestyle with design and decor tips, Q&As and inspiring new ideas.

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Back issues of Quench Magazine are available online at issuu.com/quenchbytidings.


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