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It’s Monday, and concentrating on work is tough, isn’t it. Turning your back on that great weekend you had to focus on the pile of work cluttering up your desk can bring on fantasies of retirement or winning a lottery. Tuesday and Wednesday are better. By Thursday, you’re starting to pep up a little bit thinking of Friday and, finally, the happy approach of the weekend. The challenge is giving your best at work even though you might not really feel like it. So, how can you not only maintain but actually boost your creativity at work? Read on – we’ve compiled the best tips to help you do just that., “6 Ways to Unleash Creativity in the Workplace

The best place to start is at the top. This article speaks directly to you managers out there. Implement these strategies and you may see an improved sense of engagement among your staff.

Creativity For Life, “Unlock Your Creative Secret Weapon”

I love this article because it tells it like it is. Sometimes you just have to deconstruct, forget everything, then the clouds will clear.

Wishful Thinking, “10 Ways the Workplace Crushes Creativity (and How to Fix Them)

Author Mark McGuinness identifies a number of creativity-crushing work scenarios. If you identify yourself in any of those situations, he has the answer for it.

Cracked, “5 Workplaces Annoyances That Can Actually Boost Creativity

Well, I’m not sure if you should really take this one too seriously, but it is sure to make you laugh. Except for deadlines, laughter is a great way to boost creativity.

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