The Real Tequil-deal

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You may have heard about El Jimador Reposado Tequila in Tidings October 2008 (Tequila’s Sun Rises). At that time, El Jimador was a “mixto” (a combination of spirit distilled from 100 per cent blue agave (at least 51 per cent) and something “other” (typically cane sugar or molasses. Well, times they have a-changed. “El Jimmy” is now 100 per cent blue agave – a ramp-up in quality without a ramp-up in price.

“The brand is relatively new to Canada and we are re-launching it as 100 per cent agave.” says J. Daniel Navarro, National Brand Manager for Brown-Forman Spirits represented in Canada by Charton-Hobbs Inc. “Tequila El Jimador is a premium, authentic tequila from Casa Herradura, established in 1870, which captures the spirit of real tequila.”

Indeed, the new 100 per cent agave version is noticeably fuller and more complex than its predecessor. It’s the top selling tequila in Mexico and it’s now available across Canada for about $30.00.


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