Pairing Food and Drink: A Guide

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Creating the ultimate epicurean experience

Whether you’re headed to a wine and food festival or just looking for a great meal for your next party, food and wine experts have come up with a food pairing guide to please every taste.

Here are some of the experts’ pairings:

• Oysters and Vodka or Riesling – For oyster lovers, you can’t go wrong with a smooth tasting spirit like vodka or a dry Riesling.

• Lobster and Chardonnay or Lager – Light tasting lobster mixes well with a delicate Chardonnay or lighter coloured lager.

• Smoked duck and Pinot Noir or Berry Wine – The perfect pairing with smoked duck is a dark and rich red wine or for the more adventurous, an alternate to traditional grape based wines.

• Cheese and wine – This classic is the most popular

• Sliders and Merlot or Beer – Gourmet burgers or sliders can go perfectly with either a red wine to match the beef or an imported beer to match the overall richness.

Everyone’s taste is different, so mixing and matching possibilities are endless.


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