Mott’s Clamato Caesar Turns 40 This Year

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In the year 1969, in the city of Calgary, mixologist Walter Chell created the Bloody Caesar for Marco’s Italian restaurant at the Calgary Inn. Over the past 40 years, Canadians have embraced the cocktail from coast-to-coast. Mott’s Clamato Caesar is as uniquely Canadian as Mounties and maple syrup.

In 2006, the CBC conducted a survey called “The 50 Greatest Canadian Inventions” in which the Caesar ranked higher than the Canadarm, the Ski-Doo, Pablum baby food, the Green Garbage Bag and even the Blackberry.

Canadians have since created all kinds of variations of the classic Mott’s Clamato Caesar recipe. This personalization of the Caesar (e.g. the Cucumber-Infused Caesar) allows people to change the drink to suit their menu, trends and tastes.

Try any of these variations in your next Caesar.

Vintage Caesar: for those prefer wine to spirits, change up the Caesar with Pinot Grigio and a splash of gin;

Canada D’eh Caesar: proudly wave the Canadian flag while sipping this Caesar made with Amaro Montenegro Liqueur;

Fiesta Caesar: a blend of Mexican and Canadian cultures, with gold tequila as the featured spirit;

Fireworks Caesar: perfect for Victoria Day, this is an explosive combination of cachaca or silver tequila, garlic, green onion, jalapeño peppers, hot sauce, salt and pepper and Mott’s Clamato;

Coast to Coast Caesar: featuring India Pale Ale, this Caesar is a hit from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.


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