Love Potions

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Do you need a powerful love potion to convince that special someone to notice your special charms? Or maybe you want to show that friend or lover how much you really appreciate him or her. You’ll definitely want to give these five cocktails a try. These flavourful sippers stir up a mix of unexpected tastes, like cherry-flavoured cola paired with the lovely almond taste of Amaretto, or thick espresso paired with the hazelnut-infused Frangelico.

Here’s an idea: before you dive into the alcohol-based cocktails, start the night off with a non-alcoholic drink. Pour a cup of Bottlegreen’s Spiced Berry “Enjoy Hot” Cordial.



Wild Hearts

2 oz. Wild Turkey 81
1 oz. Cherry-Flavoured Cola
0.5 oz. Amaretto

Combine on the rocks and garnish with a cherry.
Wild Turkey 81: $28.95



Frangelico Truffle Cocktail

1 oz. Frangelico
1 oz. SKYY Vodka
3/4 oz. Cold Espresso

Shake with ice and serve up in a cocktail or martini glass. Dust with dark chocolate shavings.
Frangelico 750mL: $27.95


SKYY Love Potion #9

1/2 oz SKYY Vodka
1/2 oz Sweet and Sour Mix
1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur

Mix all ingredients and garnish with a maraschino cherry.
SKYY Vodka 750mL: $26.45

Hopeless Romantic

1.5 oz. Aperol
2 oz. Prosecco or Champagne
0.25 oz. Lemon Juice
0.25 oz. Orange
0.25 oz. Pineapple

Muddle pineapple, orange and lemon. Add prosecco and Aperol. Strain and serve in a highball glass and garnish with a pineapple slice.
Aperol: $23.95

Amore Martini

2 oz. Campari
1 oz. SKYY Vodka
0.5 oz. Passion Fruit Liqueur
Dash of Fresh Lemon Juice

Mix all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake and serve in a cocktail glass.
Campari Aperitivo: $24.95


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