Valentine’s Day For Singles

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Ah… Valentine’s Day, that special time when lovers celebrate each other. But what if this Valentine’s Day finds you alone? Don’t despair. This is a great time for singles to join in the festivities, too.

One of the best places to meet compatible people is at events that you enjoy. Wine tasting parties provide the perfect setting to share conversation, great food and, of course, wine. Because the focus is on tasting wine, singles can meet and have fun without pressure. That’s the perfect recipe for an entertaining evening.

Don’t worry if your wine know-how rates as next to nothing. The point is to enjoy yourself and the other people in attendance. In any case, wine tastings usually begin with an introductory lesson on wine appreciation. By the end of the evening, you should be talking aromas, tastes and textures with the best of them.

Check out your local liquor establishments or newspapers to find out when events will be held in your area. If you can’t locate any scheduled tastings, have fun organizing your own. Choose a minimum of five wines. They should be a combination of white, red, dessert and sparkling. Call some single friends and ask them to each bring along one of their single friends. Serve some hors d’oeuvres, and you’re all set for a great evening.


Rosemary Mantini has always loved words. When she isn't working as the Associate Editor at Tidings Magazine, she's helping others achieve their writing dreams, and sometimes she even relaxes with a good book and a glass of wine.

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