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Médoc’s Region: Toward a Sustainable Future

Hand in hand with nature. © CVM/Anaka¸

After giving you an overview of the unique history of the wine region in Médoc, and then introducing the women and men who stand behind each bottle, today, we invite you to discover the environmental side of the region. 

In harmony with nature

As everywhere else, global warming is shaking up the production in Médoc’s region. If the subject is dear and near to your heart, you will be reassured and delighted to learn that the winemakers in the region have incorporated different programs in harmony with the environment and the biodiversity. In the last few years, major changes have been made. The objectives set by Médoc wines are ambitious and the wine producers have already begun to make the shift. 

When the workhorse replaces the machine to work the soils in a traditional way.
© Guy Charneau

The numbers are there to prove it. Indeed, today, nearly 90% of the surface in the AOC Médoc, Haut-Médoc and Listrac are certified for their good environmental practices or in progress of being so. Those statistics include, but are not limited to organic agriculture, as well as the ISO 14001 who is the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems or High environmental value among other labels. Overall, when we look at the other AOC appellations meaning Margaux, Moulis, Saint-Julien, Pauillac and Saint-Estèphe we can see that all of them have moved in the direction of a greener future and are also engaged in a labeling process. Today, we estimate that 70% of Médoc’s properties are engaged in an environmental practice. In France, the official certification for sustainable agriculture and production recognized by the government goes by the name of HVE3 for High Environmental Value. This certification developed in 2001, has three levels, and was created to encourage farms and vineyards to increase their biodiversity, as well as improve their water management. It’s impressive to see that Bordeaux and Médoc are the first vineyards in France using this certification, with more than 600 châteaux. 

A breath of fresh air

It would be a mistake to believe that producers will stop making efforts in regard to other environmental fields. On the contrary! In the coming years, the Médoc sector is dedicated to encourage the eight AOC appelations to impose these good practices and no longer simply recommend them to producers. When we know that Médoc producers have always been at the forefront of technology, actively following suit in the environmental sector seems a natural thing to do. 

For love of the field

A unique terroir

Médoc’s terroir is recognized worldwide for its moderate, warm and humid climate. Situated on a peninsula at the 45th parallel, its position naturally protects the region through the Atlantic Ocean situated to the West and the Gironde estuary to the East. This unique position of Bordeaux vineyards, combined with its microclimate and its soils formed by periods of glaciations over thousands of years, create the perfect wines. While the richness and diversity of the Médoc are tasted with every sip, it is also revealed on site, as the castles and vineyards open their doors to tourists eager for wonder and discovery. The invitation is out!

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