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Wine Industry: A Story of Passionate People

After giving you a taste of the Médoc region’s history in our first article, let’s keep exploring this magnificent land by focusing our attention on its winemakers. 

Renowned across the world for its wine-making tradition and know-how, the reputation of Médoc’s region has long been established. With 600 chateaux and almost 1000 different brands, most of which are family owned, you will be sure to find your new favorite wine for anyone’s budget in this prestigious terroir. Every year, more than 50 million bottles are exported, so who knows, maybe you have already had the chance to taste one of these bottles at dinner last night? 

The Importance of Winemaking Professions

The influence of the Médoc and its 8 AOC appellations extends far beyond its wines. Something that we can forget when we have only one desire: take a sip of this tasty drink! However, we dare to say that you will appreciate it even more when you realize the labor of love that goes into Médoc wines. 

A true passion that starts in the land

Indeed, behind each bottle, there is a story of many creators who invested a part of themselves. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the region would not be what it is today without the family who, morning and night, dedicate their life to their land. More than just work, winemakers are truly passionate people. 

A New Generation

The region keeps evolving thanks to the new generation that beautifully mix tradition, as well as new technologies. Their energy and versatility contribute to its development. There is strength in unity, and this is especially true in the wine industry! Wine production involves more than one person – especially as estates grow and require more hands. 

Uniting Everyone’s strengths
Let’s make a place for women

Women of the Medoc

History has it that the Médoc is now in the hands of a bunch of women whose talent and energy do wonders. Together they write a new page in the long history of Médoc. 

However, the importance of women in the field is not new. Let us remember that Aliénor, Duchess of Quitaine, married Henri Plantagenet in 1152, the future king of England. She played a key role in the development of wine importation with the English. Indeed, in three centuries, Bordeaux had established a monopoly on wine production. Since her, women have been honored in the Médoc. Winemakers, sommeliers, head of cultivation, cellar master or oenologists, women represent the new face of wine. Once far from the cellars, often in the shadow of their fathers or husbands, women now occupy an increasingly important place in the wine-growing world. 

All these Crus would not exist without the passion, the heart and the generosity that winemakers put into the work of their vineyards. Commitment and know-how are identical, regardless of the type of Crus.

Come and meet them for yourself! 

Passion, knowledge, and humility are three little words that comes to mind when we think about Médoc’s wine. The winemaker respects the land that shelters us and nourishes us. Why not make the most of the last autumn days and visit some of Médoc’s finest vineyards? Head out on the open road and discover our very own wine-growing regions.

A moment of true happiness

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