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ECOlunchbox was founded by Sandra Ann Harris to help families reduce their dependence on plastics. All of the products offered on the ECOlunchbox website are made with stainless steel and/or silicone. The materials are tested to ensure they’re food safe and of the highest quality.

I had the opportunity to test out their Tri Bento box. This circular lunch box has three tiers that, when they’re all stacked up, are held together with built in clips. Each of the tiers is like a stainless steel bowl that holds 36 oz (4.5 cups) of food. It helps with portion control. The middle tier acts as a lid to the bottom; and the top tier acts as a lid to the middle, while the single lid included in the case tops everything off.

The design is inspired by the round “tiffins” used for generations in India. While I love the look – no one else had a lunch box quite like mine – I do wish that it came with separate lids for the middle and bottom. Sometimes I didn’t need all three tiers, but in order to clip it closed, I had to bring them.

The box isn’t leak proof either, so any sauce-based foods or soups had to be packaged in separate containers.

The stainless steel construction was  very sturdy. It doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap, which means it will last. And it’s non-toxic, like all of the ECOlunchbox products – 100% BPA-free stainless steel 201.

Unfortunately, it can’t go in the microwave. I had to bring microwavable dishes with me if I was eating something that required reheating. This does make for more dirty dishes at the end of the day. However, I felt that the sacrifice was worth it, especially if you have a dishwasher. If you have access to a camp stove, you can use that to reheat your food and save on some dishes. I hope to test this out next summer when I go camping.

The Tri Bento comes with a spoon/fork and a cute tote bag.

Tri Bento ECOlunchbox / $26

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