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Flavoured water is, to me, the answer to staying hydrated throughout the day. I’ve tried a ton of products to keep myself from the boredom of regular water – even used flavour drops and crystals! The Sparkling Ice flavoured carbonated waters are (now) among my top picks to replace sugary juices and soft drinks.

Gluten free, Kosher, caffeine free and sugar free, each bottle has zero calories – which means that using them as a replacement for water in an attempt to stay hydrated won’t affect your waist-line or ruin your diet. The flavours are still sweet though, likely due to the sucralose used in place of sugar, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

Like water, it doesn’t contain a lot of additional nutrients or vitamins – about 10% of your daily intake of vitamins D, B3, B6, B12, Biotin and B5. It’s a source of hydration that packs a lot of flavour power, rather than a vitamin/protein/health supplement you can drink. So, when you get right down to it, it’s water … carbonated, delicious, flavourful water. Plan your diet accordingly.

Soft, easy to drink bubbles make it a good replacement for soft drink lovers who crave that carbonated tickle and sweet flavour, but want something less sugary that can provide more hydration. If you’re really thirsty, these are easy to chug even with the bubbles (unlike some soft drinks I could name). There’s a lot more flavour in each bottle than in most “flavoured waters” on the market – these taste more like juice or fruit-imitating soft drinks.

Purchase at many major grocery chains across Canada. The following are the flavours available (and my thoughts when I tried them).

Black Raspberry (Dark red, almost purple)

It took me a while to place where I’d smelled and tasted this flavour before, especially since I wanted to give you more than just “it’s, well, exactly what black raspberry flavouring smells and tastes like…” After writing a few notes along those lines, it hit me: it tastes exactly like Red Slush. So, if you like red slushies, you’ll love this one. The aftertaste lingers a bit, leaving your mouth slightly dry but mostly refreshed.

Cherry Limeade (Light red)

This one reminded me of Maynard’s Sour Cherry Blaster candies. Only softer and without the intense sourness that leaves the mouth puckering. After that initial taste, it settles into a red Kool Aid flavour with a touch of that sour citrus hitting in on the end and leaving the mouth feeling dry.

Coconut Pineapple (Pineapple yellow)

This one was tough – I kept wanting to taste the pineapple or the coconut, but neither really hit me. The flavours were there, just very subtle. The best comparison I could think of would be of yellow or white gummy bears. Very sweet candy flavour that lingers and leaves your mouth watery.

Kiwi Strawberry (Light green)

This was my favourite, probably because strawberry and kiwi are my favourite combination when it comes to, well, anything. Lots of flavour on the first sip, loaded with the faux strawberry and kiwi that you’d expect. Once everything settles, the flavours are more subdued. Finishes tart, refreshing but also a touch astringent.

Lemon Lime (Yellow-green)

You get exactly what you’d expect in this one – lemonade with a distinct lime note. Lots of sweet citrus that coats the palate and leaves the mouth feeling clean. No lingering flavours this time round.

Orange Mango (Orange)

Remember orange tang, that powdered juice mix that came in the big plastic container? That’s what this reminds me of. Tangy nose with watered down sweetness carries over into the glass. Mango shows up in the middle, smoothing out the tang and giving it a refreshingly smooth finish. Delicious.

Sparkling Ice Sparkling Water Carbonated Beverage / $1.59 per bottle

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