The Smoking Gun by Breville

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Breville, the iconic Australian kitchen company, recently added The Smoking Gun to their line of small countertop appliances.  Compact, lightweight and easy to use, The Smoking Gun caters to the mixology industry’s obsession with all things smoked – from drinks to meats and cheeses, dips, sauces and more.

The sturdy machine comes with a 18” silicone smoke tube, metal removable burn chamber, spring filter, painted silver body and a 1 year warranty. It is powered by 4 AA batteries, included in the box. When not in use, you can store The Smoking Gun in an out-of-the-way spot on your counter in the compact stand (or in your cupboard, if you have space).

The cold smoke system has two fan speeds, high for intense smoke and low for gentle smoke on delicate foods. The Smoking Gun comes with two types of flavoured wood chips – Applewood for a slightly sweet, fruity flavour good for delicate meats; and Hickory, a strong, earthy flavour that works well with richer foods like beef, pork and vegetables. They also sell mesquite and cherry woods separately on their site.

There’s a lot of good to be said about The Smoking Gun. In just five minutes of smoking, you get dishes with noticeable smoke flavour. It’s easy to use. Put the wood chips in the burning chamber, light them up, put the end of the hose in your covered dish and turn it to your desired speed. A fine mesh screen keeps the wood chips from flying through the hose into your food or drink. Within minutes, you’ll have natural smoke flavour infused in whatever you choose. (Watch the video below for a demonstration.) Clean up is pretty straightforward as well – after you’ve let it cool a bit, remove the burn compartment and wipe it down.

However, there are some downsides. It can be a challenge to light the wood chips in humid spaces. Keep your fingers away from the metal surrounding the burn chamber when attempting to light the chips – it gets quite hot. One great tip is to use matches instead of a butane lighter for better flavour.

Another downside has to do with the sheer amount of smoke produced (especially if you’re not ready for it). When the seal on your dish has leaks, you may end up smoking yourself out of your kitchen. So it might be best to take The Smoking Gun outside when in use.

Overall, The Smoking Gun is a quick, easy way to infuse smoke your food and drink with smoke. The best effect and strongest flavour comes from mixing it with spirits, so if you’re jumping on the smoked cocktail bandwagon (or have been riding it for a while), this is a tool worth trying.


The Smoking Gun by Breville / $129.99

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