RISE Kombucha Apple X Cinnamon

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Rise Kombucha Apple X Cinnamon Review

Last year, I reviewed two flavours – Ginger and Hibiscus & Rose Hips – from Montreal-based kombucha company, RISE. They frequently release limited-edition products that combine the kombucha’s nutritional wonders with enticing flavours that are well worth checking out. Their newest is Rise Kombucha Apple X Cinnamon.

Released January 6th, RISE Kombucha Apple X Cinnamon will be available until March or while supplies last. Made with filtered water, cane sugar, kombucha culture, red apple, oolong tea, rooibos, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, beet powder, black tea, nutmeg, green tea and carbon dioxide, it packs a nutritional punch. Rich in antioxidants, with anti-inflammatory properties, this 414 ml bottle helps with digestion, sleep and allergies. Where possible, they source organic ingredients.

Tasting Notes

RISE Kombucha calls Apple X Cinnamon their perfect winter flavour. I had the chance to test it to see if it lives up to the claim. In the glass, it looks a lot like a dark apple cider – amber in colour with a distinctly red tint. Many small bubbles dance in the glass. There’s a lot more fizz than I expected for a kombucha – more akin to a carbonated beverage.

Spice tea aromas dominate the nose. It reminded me of spiced cookies or chai. Since I was expecting apple and cinnamon to be the main smells, it was a bit surprising. There are hints of apple in the bouquet, if you sniff hard enough. The longer I sniffed it, the more I thought of a heavily spiced apple pie.

Bubbles danced on the tongue with every sip. A lot. It was a lovely sensation. In the mouth, there is apple, spice and a dough/pastry note; in fact, this tastes almost exactly like my mother-in-law’s apple pie, which is to say, very delicious. As the spice fades, apple flavour takes over and lingers on the tongue. It finishes fairly astringent, leaving the mouth drier than when you started, which only makes you want to drink more. Admittedly, I was expecting it to taste like cider with cinnamon notes. It does not. It tastes better.

One thing I love about RISE’s kombucha is that they have found a way to make kombucha enjoyable. There is none of the stereotypical vinegary taste you expect in a kombucha. Instead, you get beverage that has impressive flavour balance. Whether or not you consider this the “perfect winter flavour” is up to you; I personally think it’s delicious and will be drinking as often as I can… while supplies last.

RISE Kombucha Apple X Cinnamon / $3.99 per 414ml bottle

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