MV5 Condenser Microphone for iOS and USB by Shure

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Musicians, podcasters, vloggers and journalists are always looking for a good microphone. One that captures audio in professional sound without breaking the bank. The MV5 Condenser Microphone by Shure is a sure-fire way to do that.

Right off the bat, the MV5 simple looks amazing. The iconic, low-profile design looks great on a desk or, when you take it off the stand, connected to a device (like an iPad, iPhone or Android phone). The desktop stand is adjustable, providing flexibility to capture your voice and sounds regardless of how you sit or stand while you record.

The MV5 connects to iOS devices with a Lightning cable and to all other devices with a USB cable. Set up is instant – you just plug and record. It won’t drain your battery quite as quickly as other portable microphones, so you can record more for longer.

You can change up the settings to record optimum sound. Just to make things more straightforward, are three DSP preset modes: vocal, instrument and flat. Each preset is tuned to capture the human voice or instruments in perfect clarity and tone. If you prefer more control of your audio than the presets provide, Shure’s MOTIV Mobile Recording App (available for iOS) will give you that. It has EQ, compression, recording and editing controls as well as the option to share your recording online.

The final piece of the recording puzzle is, of course, the headphone monitoring capabilities. It’s zero-latency, which means you hear your audio in real time as you record, and you have full control over the volume (you can even mute if you’d like).

Audiophiles consistently provide high-starred reviews for the MV5, and for good reason. It packs a lot of great sound into a relatively small device, providing excellent recording quality with very little hiss and zero hum. Anyone recording, whether it’s a hobby, semi-professionally or professionally, would benefit from adding the MV5 to their tool box.

MV5 Condenser Microphone for iOS and USB by Shure / $129

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