Martell Cognac VSOP Medallion

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This past September, Martell Cognac returned to Canada. The brand has been around for over 300 years, making quality cognacs that Canadian’s loved (back before the brand stopped being available). So it’s no wonder that Martell fans are excited over their return.

The VSOP Medallion is one of the most popular Martell Cognacs in Canada. I reached out to Quench contributing editor and expert taster, Tod Stewart, for his review of this fine medallion:

“VSOP ‘Medaillon’ sports an engaging, complex aroma suggesting spicy, polished wood, fragrant dried fruit and toasted nuts (apricot and almond) with a dash of powdered baking spice and vanilla,” writes Stewart. “Round, supple and nicely balanced, it offers up layers of spicy orange peel, vanilla custard and cocoa. Lots of sweet fruit, but dry and crisp on the finish. The perfect foil to a cold Canadian winter.”

If the price tag on the VSOP Medallion is a bit out of your price range, the other popular Martell Cognac with Canadians is their Martell VS for a more affordable price of $59.96.

Martell VSOP Medallion / $94.95

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