Leather Slingshot Camera Strap by Heavy Leather NYC

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Classy, rugged and original – these are just a few words used to describe the Leather Slingshot Camera Strap handmade by Brooklyn-based custom leather strap company, Heavy Leather NYC.

Founded by Rachael Becker, Heavy Leather NYC started as a guitar strap producer – combining “Heavy Leather” Rachael’s love of heavy metal and leather. Her goal was to create straps with comfort and style so guitarists could rock out on stage without having to worry about dropping their expensive instruments.

Heavy Leather NYC applied that same vision to the photography industry, making camera straps with an eye for comfort and style. The Leather Slingshot Camera Strap design lets your camera rest at your side for quicker access; the sling configuration prevents twist and spin, so your camera stays secure in one place. The security is reinforced by a solid gunmetal swivel hook that attached to your camera’s tripod mount. It is as sturdy and trustworthy as any mountain climber’s carabiner.

Comfort is incredibly important in a camera strap – especially for professional photographers who are on their feet, snapping pictures, all day long for events and functions. The Leather Slingshot Camera Strap is made of top quality grain cowhide (2/3 oz for both the bottom and top leather). All of Heavy Leather NYC’s straps are worked in ahead of time – which means you don’t have to spend time toughing out hard, new leather. Instead, right out of the box you get a suede-like leather that is comfortable, soft and snuggles your shoulder and back. Also, due to the nature of cowhide and the fact that each strap is hand-made, no two straps are exactly alike.

The back of the strap is webbed to make it easier to move around while wearing the strap. This also gives it a longer lifespan. A padded shoulder piece – 2.5” wide and 15” long – adds comfort for those long days with the camera at your side (especially if you have a heavier camera). Included in the shoulder pad is a small card holder, where you can keep business or credit cards.

Available in black and vintage brown, the Leather Slingshot Camera Strap is adjustable between 46” and 49”; the solid silver buckle holds the strap in place in preset holes. You can punch new holes if you need. The buckle also allows you to remove the strap quickly and wrap around your body for future adjustment.

Overall, the Leather Slingshot Camera Strap by Heavy Leather NYC has great functionality, solid construction and quality materials. It works for both professional and recreational photographers and makes a nice gift (though it could be a bit pricey for people on a budget). The downsides are few: the bulkier nature of the design means it takes up a bit more space in your camera bag than your average camera strap; and the buckles and clasp do make some noise when you move, making it a bit distracting in quiet ares or during ceremonies (like weddings).

Leather Slingshot Camera Strap by Heavy Leather NYC / $155

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