Keralan Coconut Curry is Tailor Made for Canadians

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Keralan Coconut Curry by The Spice Tailor

The popularity of Indian food in Canada – and of The Spice Tailor line of Indian sauces and daals – has led to an expansion of The Spice Tailor range in Canada. Conceived by celebrity chef and cookbook author Anjum Anand, The Spice Tailor preparations allow anyone (and we’re talking anyone, here) to whip up delicious, preservative-free Indian classics like Classic Butter Chicken and Fiery Goan Curry in minutes. The only real decision you have to make is whether to use chicken, lamb, seafood, pork, paneer or vegetables (or use all of them if you want). The kits can also be used to provide the base for a wide range of more complex dishes.

Anand was in Toronto recently to launch the newest addition to The Spice Tailor’s Canadian lineup: Keralan Coconut Curry.

“Kerala is a region with a really interesting cuisine,” Anand revealed. “The Hindus of the region traditionally ate a simple diet of food and spices from the region. There is also a large community of Christians in the area. They prefer gentler spicing and used some unfamiliar ingredients like duck and beef, often souring their curries with vinegar rather than tamarind or tomatoes. Then there is the strong Muslim community fuelled by settled traders and travellers. They introduced so many delicious dishes to the area, as well as stronger flavours and spicing that works so well with their generally meat-based diet. The one thing all the three communities had in common was their love of coconut.”

I, along with a few other lucky media (and media-ish) types, got to try the new addition at the very cool Cirillo’s Academy (essentially a polished, high-end cooking school), where Anand look us through a quick cooking demo before setting us loose to create our own culinary masterpieces (or our own culinary havoc, as the case may have been).

I’ve been a fan of The Spice Tailor line since I was first introduced to it, and it’s great to see the range expanding. The only downside (for the moment) is that the Keralan Coconut Curry is currently solely available in Walmart locations. You can find the rest of the collection at places like Loblaws, Sobeys, and Longos. No doubt the Keralan Coconut Curry will find a home in these locations in the not-too-distant future.

Keralan Coconut Curry 

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