Houseplants for small spaces and tiny apartments

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Houseplants for Home decor

With the gentrification of metropolitan cities comes the explosion of new apartment and condo buildings. This wave of brand-new real estate has brought with it the tiny space trend; it’s not uncommon to come across one-bedroom dwellings that have been designed to take advantage of every square foot. This new minimalistic way of living, while refreshing, comes with a challenge: how can tiny-house inhabitants decorate without overdoing it? The answer, my friends, is teeny, tiny, little houseplants. Sure, they may be living rent-free under your roof, but they’re contributing to filtering the air you breathe and reminding you to appreciate that nature continues to thrive indoors (even when it’s snowing outside).

Here are three houseplant babies that will bring you joy and are easy breezy to grow. I’m talking to you, Forgetful Waterers.

Houseplants - Aloe VeraGood old aloe vera

Aloe vera plants are the perfect table and shelf toppers. Their vertical, sturdy sprigs are easy to place in tighter spaces that lack width. A member of the succulent family, aloe plants requires little more than a bunch of sun and minimal water; it thrives when it’s dry. Your new housemate also helps when you accidentally grab the pan you just took out of the oven with your bare hand. Its gel contains properties that help heal small wounds like burns and sunburns; in fact, the plant inherited vera (meaning “true”) when the Ancient Greeks deemed it a universal salve. A worthy tenant, if you ask me.

Houseplants - jade plantJade is so much more than just a gem

Ahh, the jade plant. Even the name exudes tasteful romanticism. These compact plants sprout gracefully flat, grape-shaped glossy leaves. Another member of the succulent family, older jade plants develop a thicker, scalier base, lending it more of a mini-tree-in-a-pot appearance. You can expect a low, full growth from this one. All she needs from you is a sweet spot in the sun and otherwise relatively dry soil.

Houseplants - Peace lillyGive peace lilies a chance

I thought I’d break up my usual preference for green leaves and brown branches by making the final suggestion a little more floral. Peace lilies are tall, delicate beauties that shoot skyward through a thick growth of droopier, long green leaves – a stunning contrast. These potted pretties are beautiful accents for unclaimed floor corners as they draw the eye to its simultaneously bold and subtle colours. Running out of windowsill space? No worries. Peace lilies don’t need direct sunlight and are most content when you skip a few days of watering.

When it comes to tiny spaces, you may want to avoid plants that grow like weeds! Your place could go from Pinterest-cute to Jungle Fever real fast. With vertical plants or more densely packed growths, you’ve got a sure win without overwhelming yourself with wild shrubbery. As an ode to your living space and personality, have fun with pots or vases that make you genuinely happy to be at home.

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