For the upcoming winter months, grey is where it’s at

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During this 2015 autumn and winter fashion season the neutral colour grey has taken over the lead as one of the must-have hues in men’s wardrobes. Although it’s quite common to make good use of this classic hue throughout the cold weather season, its popularity has been ramped up to a whole new style level: as high-end shops boldly showcase its powerful impact through the fashionable creations of amazing designer labels.

Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Brioni are just a few of the luxury designers who have played important roles in expanding the popularity of this classic neutral colour. Everything from smart suits and warm and toasty knitwear, to baggy slacks and sleek silk ties have been cleverly designed in various tones and shades of grey; in order to elegantly highlight and express undeniably sharp and modern styles.

For example, when it comes to finding the perfect grey suit to best complement one’s skin tone, no man will ever go wrong by donning a classic dark charcoal shade. It’s appropriate for both day and night-time attire, and can be easily dressed up, or down (with accessories) according to any guy’s specific style requirements. Similarly, the colour grey can act as a functional fashion element by seamlessly creating interesting and eye-catching looks, such as: block patterns on sweaters and decorative supersize pockets. Stylishly breaking up bold colours and monochromatic outfits can also be cleverly achieved by using specific grey tone(s) or shade(s) to help neutralize any overpowering hues.

Grey has always been an important colour for men to wear, in order to accentuate elegant and modern looks; as well as to create classic neutral outfits. Because of this hue’s heightened popularity during this cold weather season, guys have even more opportunities than ever to explore the latest fashion trends, and find the perfect grey tones and/or shades to suit their unique personal styles.


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