Green Christmas: reduce waste this holiday season

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Green Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving. But when we intend to give, we tend to buy. And when we tend to buy, we inevitably waste. January’s landfills are notoriously visited by the ghosts of Christmas past: ribbons, tags, packages, boxes, even bags! As much as we love to pamper friends and family, none of us are purposefully trying to poison the planet. How can we give like Father Christmas without taking from Mother Nature?

In the spirit of Christmas, here are some small changes you can make to reduce your waste this holiday season and the ones to come.

Brown paper packages tied up with string

First things first: dig out those rolls of festive wrapping paper from the basement; you’ve been waiting all year to use them! To have them last even longer, consider bringing other materials into the mix, like newspaper or even the brown paper that once cushioned your online orders. Fasten a twine bow around your parcels to complement the black and white hues, and decorate them with dried flowers, branches or even a handmade Christmas ornament.

Oh, bring us some figgy pudding

The holidays are oftentimes synonymous with overindulgence: a seemingly constant parade of food you can’t seem to avoid heading our way from December 25th to January 1st. For the love of your wallet and the global food crisis, trim down your grocery list. You are no less of a host if you don’t offer 17 courses and nine desserts. Did you really need to make figgy pudding? What is figgy pudding? Your guests will still leave with happy hearts and full bellies, with plenty of leftovers to spare. So, consider what you need versus what you want before spending $600 on groceries. Opt for a table d’hôte carved from the repertoire of dishes you love to cook most.

…And a partridge in a pear tree!

Speaking of trees, there’s one debate that divides us all: real versus fake. If you’re on Team Evergreen, when it comes to disposal, do your best to put it on the curb on pick-ups days arranged by your city. This could give your tree a second life by being transformed into gardening mulch instead. Also, say “no” to tinsel. It’s shiny and bright but virtually impossible to biodegrade (and not great for house pets to ingest, either!).

What are a few of your own favourite things? Share your tips for a successful eco-Christmas.

A self-proclaimed bookworm and logophile, Laura loves writing; writing about food is about as good as it gets. Though she enjoys discovering new restaurants around Montreal, few haunts can surpass the simple pleasures of a great home-cooked meal and a smooth glass of wine.

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