Dirty Devil Vodka: hyper-oxygenated

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Dirty Devil Vodka

This past February, St-Lucifer Spirits launched Dirty Devil Vodka, their innovative vodka made with (get this) hyper-oxygenated water. Distilled five times and filtered three times, this 42% ABV vodka goes down deceptively smooth, making it probably the easiest-to-drink vodka I’ve ever had. Which is truly evil.

Dirty Devil Vodka is made with corn grains and the aforementioned hyper-oxygenated water. This water use is a patented production process that results in pure, round, fresh spirits with no burning aftertaste. I can attest to the lack of burning aftertaste.

I’ll just grab this devil by the horns and jump right into the tasting notes. On first whiff, there is very little smell. It took a few good sniffs to figure out that there is, indeed, a slight hint of rubbing alcohol on the nose. When it came time to taste it, I swear I had to take several sips before I could identify, well, anything. It. Tastes. Like. Water. Then the warmth hit with a bit of burn in the middle that calmed down pretty quickly. I promise you, this vodka is so clean, you could probably convince someone that it’s water (don’t though, that’s not very nice).

Compared to other young Canadian craft vodkas, most of which have distinct vanilla characteristics, Dirty Devil Vodka is surprisingly flavourless in a good way. Mixed with grapefruit juice, club sofa and/or other ingredients, it’s perfect – it blends in and doesn’t confuse the palate.

Dirty Devil Vodka is a clean, smooth, wonderful spirit great for cocktails and goes down easy on its own (almost too easy). I admit, when I read the name and saw the label, I was expecting a lot of burn. A harsh vodka that makes your eyes water. That, to me, would be synonymous with the devil. But this smooth, clean vodka is much better. And, oddly, more appropriate for the devil moniker – in the wrong hands, this vodka could be dangerous.

Dirty Devil Vodka / $48.25*

Only available in Quebec at the moment, though hopefully the Devil will expand its territory soon!


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