5 New Year’s Eve party themes: the countdown is on

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New Years party countdown themed party ideas

The best part of New Years is the countdown. This January 1st is not only a new year but a new decade and that is something worth celebrating. Why not plan a party? Here are some ideas for ideas to get you started.


There are so many different options to count down with wine. Count down by sipping vintages from the last 10 years, the top 10 local picks of 2019, the top 10 picks by type. Or create your own top 5 or top 10. Have your guests each bring a bottle then rate them by secret ballot. Tally up the ballots and you have your top picks of the evening. The prize? A corkscrew, decanter or set of wine glasses.


For a real blast from the past, revisit the decades. Play the music, wear the fashions, watch the shows or movies, and answer trivia from each decade. You can have a lot of fun with this one. Start with the 1960s at 6pm, 1970s at 7pm, 1980s at 8pm and so on. Or mix it up all night long.


Break out the microphone and get the vocal cords warmed up. Pass around a list of the top songs from the last few years and have your guests start singing. If your friends are interested, nominate judges for an idol-style contest. Don’t forget to keep those cameras rolling.

Presidents/Prime Minister/Politicians

Maybe top 40 music is not your thing, but you follow politics and late-night talk shows with admirable dedication. In which case, why not ask your guests to come as their favourite political figures of all time. Incorporate a game of charades by writing down the top political scandals of the year and acting them out.

New Years’ Movie Countdown

The holiday season may have been exhausting; it’s time to curl up with some good company. This can be a party, too. Put on the top New Year’s Eve movies of all time. Some recommendations to get your started on your line-up: The Holiday, Happy New Year Charlie Brown, Rent, Sleepless in Seattle, 200 Cigarettes, About a Boy, When Harry Met Sally, Trading Places.

Whether you want a big blow out, an intimate evening or some solo time, ringing in a new year is always worth celebrating. Building the evening around a countdown theme infuses excitement into all the possibilities that lay ahead and perspective after all the things that have happened. Be safe, have fun, and let us be the first to wish you a Happy New Year.


Freelance writer and lifelong learner, Rebecca Hinchcliffe loves the art of storytelling. Swapping stories over meal prep and making new memories by dessert, she enjoys the simple pleasures with good friends. Cooking and creating are her two favourite past times. Sharing experiences via the written word a close third.

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