Waste Free Lunch

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Metro grocery stores has partnered with the Recycling Council of Ontario to launch the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge in schools across Ontario. Aimed at helping schools decrease the amount of garbage they produce and to educate students, staff and parents about waste reduction, the program is one of two taking place during Waste Reduction Week.

That’s all well and fine. But, why not extend it. I’d like to offer a challenge up to all of us across Canada and beyond. Let’s launch our own Waste Free Lunch.

Make your lunch at home and pack it in re-usable/re-sealable containers. If you plan on indulging in restaurant fare, ask staff to pack your take-out in containers you’ve brought along with you; or unchain yourself from work and eat off china plates right there in the restaurant. Even using your own coffee mug for a re-fill at your favourite coffee shop is a huge step in the right direction.

Waste Reduction Week runs from October 18 to 22. See how many changes you can make in your routine that result in less garbage ending up in landfills or in incinerators.


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