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Honeycomb decor has been popping up all over the internet these days. From bookshelves to carpets and up to ornamental balls for parties, this pretty pattern is a hot decorative tip that will give your space a fun and funky feel.

Honeycomb Decor Described

It is a bold geometric pattern that looks like the inside of a bee hive. It has multiple pockets that can be any geometrical shape – diamond, hexagon, octagon – except square or rectangular. Google “honeycomb” for a great visual to start you off.

Honeycomb Decor

Wall Accents

Have a wall that stands out – a fireplace mantel or a dividing wall? Make it pop by painting the wall a bold colour and stenciling white hexagons on it. Fill in the occasional hexagon with one of your accent colours to give it a true honeycomb feel. If you don’t have time to paint and stencil, honeycomb patterns are available in wallpaper as well.


Pillows, blankets and throw blankets with the honeycomb pattern in bold accent colours will really pop in a space filled with solid neutral colours – this works especially well for white-dominated rooms.


Honeycomb bookshelves give you many options for storage. Fill some of the cubby-holes with trinkets and memorabilia and others with books or photos.

Lamps & Lighting

Lampshades and pendant lights with the honeycomb pattern create a beautiful visual – just imagine a glowing honeycomb hanging from your ceiling.


Hexagon shaped tiles will naturally form the honeycomb pattern when they’re laid out, so these make great accents for back splashes in the shower or flooring in the bathroom or kitchen.

Paper Party Decorations

Honeycomb balls and decorations are available at most party stores. Or you can go the crafty way and make your own.


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