Solo picnics are in now that social gatherings are out

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Solo picnic tips

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and… the world is still socially distancing. We all know very well that this is no time to throw a party in the park, so I’ve come up with an alternative: you deserve to take yourself out on a you-date. Have a solo picnic! There isn’t much normal about this New Normal, but a little outing in the pleasure of your own company will release you from confinement without breaking the rules.

Consider these tips when planning what to pack in preparation for a day that’s truly all about you!

Set the mood

A few small, thoughtful touches will really help get you into the picnic mindset. Think about what you’d like to bring to feel comfortable. You may want to grab a blanket so you’re not sitting directly on the grass. Browse your to-read pile and select your next book. Curate a new playlist to listen to on a portable speaker (I think a little bit of Stevie Wonder is in order). Dig up a bottle of sunscreen so you could last outside for more than 10 minutes. Make sure the time you’ll spend outside will be worth every second!

Make the food

Eating with your hands in public right now might seem a little icky, so no-touch bites are more likely the way to go. I suggest you pack a couple of forks and spoons. Some of my favourite picnic picks include a cold veggie pasta salad (cook rotini, dice red pepper and red onion, half cherry tomatoes and chop up some cucumber and black olives; combine and top with Italian salad dressing) and bocconcini, basil and cherry tomato skewers.

Now that savoury is covered, I suggest continuing on the fresh trend for the sweet, too. Opt for a fruit salad of chopped up strawberry and watermelon, and maybe even a piece of homemade apple crumble (because you’re worth it). Consider making a variety of small dishes you can choose from that are, most importantly, still delicious cold.

Grab some booze (if you’re in Quebec)

Okay, so this might be an unfair home advantage, but in some cities across Quebec, if there’s food, there can be booze! If you’re looking to add a special element to your picnic experience, you could drop by your local microbrewer and pick up a can or two of your favourite brews or ciders. A cold beer and a good book make a lovely pair, after all. On second thought, you may want to get the ice pack out of the freezer to help keep your drink chilled for as long as possible.

Before you go…

Personal picnics are all the more a treat when you stay safe! On your way out, pack a mask, disinfectant wipes and plenty of hand sanitizer, and keep your distance from other solo picnickers, just in case.

With the colder months just around the corner, getting some fresh air and rediscovering the beauty of the outdoors, especially in these uncertain times, has never been more important. Share your must-have picnic picks with the Quench fam in the comments below.


A self-proclaimed bookworm and logophile, Laura loves writing; writing about food is about as good as it gets. Though she enjoys discovering new restaurants around Montreal, few haunts can surpass the simple pleasures of a great home-cooked meal and a smooth glass of wine.

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