Snack Attacks

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Snack attacks are a daily routine for me. Somewhere around 10 am and again at 3 pm, I get a nagging feeling: my stomach is craving some snacks. Oh, there’s always the tub of ice cream in the freezer. But, I know I can’t do that and not feel the guilty side effects afterwards. So, that frozen, creamy concoction is saved for another day. Then there’s fruit. That’s a good, healthy choice, and given that it’s the height of the summer harvest right now, fruit is sweet, ripe and satisfying. There are those days, however, when fruit just won’t cut it. That’s when I’m looking for something just a little bit different, just a little bit special. So, I’ve come up with a list of favourites. These snacks are quick to make and healthy … oh, and scrumptious, too.

Two Berry Yogurt Shake
Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds
Veggie Sandwich Spread
Whole Wheat Granola
Yogurt Banambrosia

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