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barbecued peaches with the sugar

Desserts are meant to be delicious. Molten-lava chocolate cake, apple pie, ice cream. Don’t get down on desserts because of sugar. Look beyond the bakery. The garden provides several alternatives to sugar filled pies. Balance blood sugar without sacrificing flavour. Satisfy the sweet-tooth without the sugar with these tips.

Pure Herb

Herbs are a fabulous addition to dessert. Those little stems and leaves are a best kept secret for adding another dimension to berries, plums and oranges. Crush some basil over blueberries. Add mint to strawberries. Let your guests depart wondering why they never thought of that!

Get Nutty

Looking to serve something more substantial? Go nuts. Seriously. From oils and milks to waters and flours nuts are a great stand in for traditional flour and sugar recipes. The best part is you can even eliminate the baking in some recipes. Keep the oven off and the kitchen cool.

Naturally sweet

Natural sweeteners are readily available. The all-star team of sweeteners include honey, maple syrup, stevia or agave. You can really have some fun making these the feature of the dessert rather than the sugar substitute. Maple syrup can be a lot of fun over some snow. Known as “maple syrup taffy”, boil the maple syrup down and drizzle over a tray of fresh snow. Go gourmet by adding some cheese. An impressive dish, no sugar required.

Fried fruit

If you are a little south of the snow belt, why not use your barbeque to make dessert. Barbequed peaches not only look cool but are absolutely delicious. Dice them up in a sweet salad with some apples and pears for added texture. Grab some garnish from the herb garden to enhance color and flavour.

Bananas hot out of the pan are delicious. Sprinkle with some flour and fry for a few minutes until lightly browned. Drizzle with maple syrup and serve warm. Always a crowd pleaser this dish will deliver that sweet taste in a light way.

Freeze It Up

On a hot summer day, popsicles are where it is at! Skip the sugar by blending berries, coconut water, a dash of honey and little fresh mint. Pour into popsicles moulds and let freeze. Always ready, always delicious.

A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to replacing sugar. Use ingredients in unexpected ways. Mix up flavours. Find unique ways to prepare or serve dishes. From one-ingredient recipes to baked goods without the baking you’ll be ready with dessert for any occasion.

Need some help creating sugarless desserts? Read our review on Nourish Cakes, sweet treats that let home bakers indulge without the “bad-for-you” ingredients

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