Repurposed Light Fixture Ideas

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If you have any of the following items laying around your house, seemingly without purpose, you could transform them into interesting and unique light fixtures. You’ll need a lamp kit for most of these projects – you can purchase one at any hardware store.

If you don’t want to buy a kit, you’ll need:

  • #18 size cord
  • Push-through socket and shell (what the bulb screws in)
  • Assorted hardware (nuts, bolts and washers)

Cheese Graters

A hanging light, the light shining through the holes will create interesting patterns in the room. Drill a hole in the handle. Thread the cord through and attach the push-through socket and socket shell. Install the bulb.

Soup Cans

The can will glow softly as it funnels light directly down. Leaving the label on is optional. Flip it upside-down, drill a hole in the bottom, thread the cord through and attach the push-through socket and shell.

Wine Bottles

When lit, a wine bottle will tint the room and cast soft light. For a ceiling light, remove the base or bottom half of the bottle and thread the wire through the bottle neck. Attach the push-through socket and shell inside the bottle. For a standing lamp, drill a hole in the bottom, thread the wire through and attach the socket and shell at the top. Affix the detachable harp, socket and shell, then top with a lampshade.

Mason Jars

The thick, textured glass will make these lights great conversation starters. Drill a hole through the center of the lid, thread with the cord, attach the socket, shell and light bulb; then screw the jar back on.

Candle Sticks

Convert a old-fashioned candle sticks into a unique lamp by drilling a hole through the middle of each, thread them with the cord, add the socket and shell; then secure them to a base, like a block of wood. If needed, add a detachable harp and lampshade or use Edison bulbs for a funky look.


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