Amazing Home Decor – Repurpose Floppy Disks

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I was chatting with a friend the other day, who mentioned that she’d found a collection of floppy disks at a yard sale. These defunct pieces of technology may not be used for information storage anymore, but they do make great new pieces for your home.

Candle Holder

Stand four disks upright for the walls and lay one down as a the base. Glue them together with hot glue and let stand overnight. Add a candle and light it up for a vintage style candle holder.


Make a box with five disks and hot glue. Fill a small planter box with dirt, add a seed and place in your gloppy disk box. Use the sticky label and write down notes about your plant, like date it was planted, seed type and more.


You can laminate the coasters so that they won’t get sticky or you can just place them on your coffee table, no craftiness needed!

Table Top

Spruce up your coffee table by lining the top with a mosaic of disks and then cover with glass for a unique and oddly beautiful table.


Cut 30 sheets of paper into 3.5 inch squares. Drill holes into the paper and two floppy disks in the same place and line them up with the paper sandwiched in the middle. Cut a rubber band and thread it through the holes, to bind the paper and disks together. When you’re done with the paper, you can refill it with paper and a new band.

Pencil Holder

Same concept as the candle holder, only instead of putting a candle inside, put markers, pencils and pens. Use this at work to bring a bit of personality to your cubicle.


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