Snow Storm Coming: 4 Things You Should Do

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The weather has turned nasty. Unfortunately, it’ll just keep getting colder and the winter snow is setting in. When faced with the blurry white snow storms that approach, being prepared is the best thing you can do.

Stock Up

Designate a storage container your “indoor snowstorm” bin. Fill it with extra blankets, candles, bottles of water and first aid kit. Pick another to be your “outdoor snowstorm bin”; keep salt, shovels, scrapers, mitts, hats and scarves here. You’ll also need an alternative way to cook food, space heaters and enough fuel to last a week.

Keep Vehicles Prepped

A full tank, snow tires and an emergency kit are essentials in the car. For the emergency kit, keep a bag of sand, blankets, non-perishable snacks, drinking water, a flashlight, jumper cables, batteries, shovel and a first aid kit.

Buddy Up

If you need to drive in a snow storm, drive with a friend; if you have to drive alone, tell someone where you’re going and your ETA. That way, if anything does happen, someone will know sooner, rather than later.

Worst Case Scenario

There is always a chance that, no matter how prepared you are or how well you plan, you could get caught outside. If on foot, head to the nearest shelter; follow fences or ruts in the road if the snow is too heavy to see. Tie a scarf over your nose and mouth to protect your face and prevent suffocation from the wind and snow (yes, that’s a thing). If in a car, check that the exhaust pipe isn’t blocked and then stay in your car; turn it on occasionally to keep the space warm. Move your arms and legs around to keep yourself awake – do not fall asleep.


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