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Rodneys oyster bar platter

Oysters — these molluscs with hinged, irregular-shaped shells, eaten cooked or raw, are an acquired taste. However, those enamoured with the sometimes sweet, sometimes briny bivalves are in good company: oyster bars from Nova Scotia to British Columbia honour the aquatic delicacy, shucking and serving the freshest oysters — and seafood — from here and abroad with brio. Beausoleil, Kumamoto, Olympia … there’s a shellfish to suit every and all palates.

Ferris’ Upstairs Seafood + Oyster Bar

Alentejo-style pork and clams, prosciutto-wrapped longline ling cod, octopus and chorizo — this upscale Vancouver Island eatery’s seafood menu peppered with fresh, local ingredients tantalizes, with each offering more decadent than the last. Even more enticing are the oysters — think cherry wood‒smoked oysters or fresh chucked bivalves, served with Taittinger Champagne for an all-around gourmet experience.

Rodney’s Oyster House

In the never-ending quest for the freshest of shellfish, this downtown Toronto spot goes above and beyond, drawing nine to 26 different oyster varieties from their very own oyster beds in Prince Edward Island, as well as bivalves from reputable local and foreign growers to serve daily. The result is a raw bar that’s the talk of the town and flavourful fare — a filling lobster club topped with bacon, Nice Fundy scallops and Haida Indian Candy smoked fish, to name a few — that’s well worth the price.

[Their oyster platter is pictured above]


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