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The Fagor FAS3612X features 16 wash cycles and a ventless condensation dryer. Although a combination unit may not be for everyone, it can be the ideal solution to your laundry needs if any of the below situations apply:

You live in a small space

The obvious advantage – only one machine is required to both wash and dry. The dimensions of the unit (33.5″ H x 23.25″ W x 23.25″ D) allow it to fit easily in smaller laundry spaces or nicely under the countertop in a kitchen. The sleek Fagor design is available in both white and silver, complementing most modern décor aesthetics. The advanced balancing system also runs relatively quietly (similar to a dishwasher), perfect for both you and your neighbours!

Your apartment/condo does not have venting capacity

If your apartment or condo unit was not originally designed to accommodate laundry, chances are you will not have the appropriate venting capacity for a stand-alone clothes dryer. The Fagor combo unit features a ventless condensation dryer. It does, however, require a 220 volt plug (a standard 110 outlet can be changed out easily by a licensed electrician) and a water source.

You live alone or with one other person

If you have a large family or do many loads of laundry, this will probably not work for you. For a single person or a couple, the 13lb washing and 9lb drying capacity is satisfactory. The only downfall – the drying capacity is slightly less than the washing capacity.

You want to save on energy costs and/or reduce your ecological footprint

The smaller capacity and front load design reduces water consumption significantly. If you regularly hang your clothes to dry and only require the occasional use of a dryer (in colder weather, for example), the combo unit is ideal.


Other features include a 180 degree door opening, stainless steel drum, electronic LCD screen, anti-overflow safety, progress indicator and a 24 hour start delay.  Retailing at approximately $1400 CAD, the Fagor 3612X is not an inexpensive laundry choice but for many, it may well be worth the weekly trip to the laundry mat.


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