Moving without losing your marbles (and wine)

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I am moving in less than 10 days. This is no easy undertaking, with a full time job and three children. I am currently living among towers of boxes, with my home office smack in the middle of all the chaos. Somehow, I am managing to keep my sanity. Wine helps. A lot. But, so do a few other tips and tricks I have picked up along my packing journey.

Label everything!

Without a doubt, my best advice is to label all your boxes by room. If you can colour code them, even better. This is not only a time-saving tip but a money-saving tip, if you have hired a moving company. Chances are, they work on a per hour basis and the faster they can get your stuff from point A to point B, the less you’ll have to pay them. Imagine how much time would be wasted if the “where does this go” question needed to be asked for every box.

Wrap your drawers and use wardrobe boxes

Dresser drawers are essentially, boxes. Go to your local home improvement or office supplies store, buy some stretch wrap and individually wrap your chest and dresser drawers. No need to pack and unpack your clothing. If you are using a moving company, ask them to provide wardrobe boxes (closets in a box) for your hanging clothing. Although they may not offer them openly, they should be included in the price you were quoted.

Stop grocery shopping

Two weeks (or 1 week if you’re a larger family) prior to your moving day, begin grocery shopping based on day-to-day needs. No one wants to empty a packed fridge or freezer.

Take pictures

I am techno-challenged, especially when it comes to the complexities of what gets plugged where. So, when a friend suggested I snap pics of my computer, gaming and various entertainment consoles wiring before I unplugged it all, I hugged her. And then gave her wine.

Protect your valuables (including you wine)

Travel with your jewellery, important paperwork, pictures, passports and any other valuable or sentimental items. If it is a short distance move, ensure they are in the car with you. If it is a long distance move that requires air travel, pack them on your carry-on.

If you are moving a valuable wine collection, ensure that it is insured, either through an existing homeowners policy or as part of your moving company`s insurance. Have it appraised, if need be. Unfortunately, breakage and bottle shock happens more often than we would think. Here a few great tips from Allied Van Lines – Moving your wine

Take an opportunity to clear clutter

Through all the chaos, the opportunity to clear both physical and mental clutter has been life-changing. Be mindful of your packing. Take time to reminisce, mourn, cry, laugh and let go. Moving is a new start. Embrace it as such. Don`t pack up yesterday`s clutter. Throw it out, give it away or sell it.


Shannon is an urban soul living (and loving) a small-town, country life. Short term goals include always keeping her wine glass, and outlook on life, half-full. Long term goal…taking her three boys on a 6 month south Pacific adventure. We’ll keep you updated.

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